Routine: Eliminating Chaos from your Day

2022-06-15T12:42:13-04:00By |Checklists & Systems, Overwhelm|

Sometimes owning a business can feel chaotic, but with the proper routine, you can sail through stressful times without hitting the panic button!   One way to reduce stress is to create a routine with stable “book-ends” to start and end each day.    This will also help your team members who are overwhelmed by fast-paced projects feel more confident in their abilities, while [...]

Time Management: Are You the Problem?

2022-07-18T14:03:30-04:00By |Checklists & Systems|

Each quarter, I track my time for a week. Time Management is crucial to the success of my business. However, I’m not going to lie – I HATE doing it! It seems so tedious. Plus, I ALWAYS find something I don’t like when I’m done tracking. I know I should appreciate the new knowledge because how can I fix the problems I find without [...]

3 Steps to Get More Done

2020-10-19T14:00:01-04:00By |Calendars, Goal Setting and Mind Set|

In June, I finished up my second one-year term as the president of NAWBO Cleveland. In July, I took some time to breathe. In August, I realized I had about 8 hours a week “extra” in my schedule, so I vowed to use each and every one of those hours wisely. See, I know ALL about Parkinson’s Law . . . and realized that [...]

How to Leave the Office an Hour Earlier. . .Without Stressing

2020-08-12T11:01:39-04:00By |Checklists & Systems, Financial Advisors|

"What would you need to do to be able to leave the office an hour earlier each day?" That's a question I asked a client last week. Here's his response: CLIENT – "I own my own business; I can leave whenever I want." ME - [PAUSE] CLIENT – "Well, I mean, I just don’t leave early very often, because I want to make sure [...]

Are You Procrastinating or Do You Need a Break?

2020-06-15T12:08:11-04:00By |capacity, Distractions and Procrastination|

"I just can’t!” Admit it - sometimes we can just get so overwhelmed that making one more decision or doing one more thing is impossible to imagine. I’ve hit this point recently, and last week two of my clients did also. Is this procrastination - or do you just need a break? Here’s the Wikipedia definition of procrastination. “Procrastination is the avoidance of doing a [...]

Now Is the Perfect Time to Build Routines!

2022-03-22T18:53:19-04:00By |Productivity|

Many of my clients have been in this “new normal” for a few weeks now - and are starting to fall into a routine. Routines are good - they allow you to regain some control over your day (which certainly helps reduce the stress) and they allow you to be more efficient since you don’t have to think about everything before you do it! [...]

Is This Really Your Problem?

2019-04-17T16:42:28-04:00By |capacity, Overwhelm|

Here’s an email that Seth Godin sent out at the beginning of the year. I keep it in my inbox and reread it at least once a week. I’m sharing it with you today in the hope that you will find it as helpful as I did. Problems and Boundaries All problems have solutions. That’s what makes them problems. The solution might involve trade-offs [...]

The Secret to Creating Order from Chaos

2019-02-06T09:28:55-05:00By |Checklists & Systems|

Recently a member of a Facebook group for Virtual Assistants (I'm the Time Management expert for the group) asked this question: "Do you find that it's best to have a set schedule for every day of the week, or do your days differ because that is life?" My answer was . . . drum roll please . . . it depends! 😊 Here’s what [...]

How to Be Productive Even When You Are Sick

2019-01-29T11:12:49-05:00By |Prioritizing, self-care|

On a recent flight to a conference in Scottsdale, I noticed the many sneezes and sniffles going on around me. There's nothing like sharing air in a confined space with a crowd of sick people! I realized that at this time of year many of my clients face the challenge of trying to figure out how to handle work when they are feeling crummy. You know [...]

This Will Cut Your Time in Half!

2019-01-16T09:30:33-05:00By |Productivity|

Did you know that completing one task could take twice as long as it should depending on the time of day? Think back to a time you FORCED yourself to complete a project. Remember the struggle? You were distracted by every shiny object. You kept telling yourself, “Just 15 more minutes - you can do anything for 15 minutes." Then, you realized you spent [...]

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