How to Get More Done Without Going Nuts

2017-02-25T08:08:41-05:00By |Awesome People, capacity|

I recently had the privilege of participating in not one but TWO fabulous podcasts intended to help busy professionals achieve more while working less. Let's go over some key points from each. David Hooper of ProCoach Podcasts focused on how coaches and other helping professions can do more to support their clients without giving up their own precious time spent with family and friends. It is [...]

Interview with Lisa Woodruff of Organize 365

2016-12-07T20:00:44-05:00By |Awesome People|

Recently, I had the privileged opportunity to be interviewed on Lisa Woodruff’s podcast series, Successful Direct Sales: Helping you organize and monetize your home based business. Lisa is an expert in helping people get organized and a great resource on ways people can optimize their lives.  (Yep - we sure had tons to talk about!!) Lisa’s business, Organize 365, is a service that helps people organize their [...]

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