Multitasking: Help or Hindrance?

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"In this world fueled by technology you must be excellent at multitasking just to keep up." "Multitasking ruins productivity. In order to be efficient and effective, you must be able to cultivate the art of single focus." "Multitasking doesn't exist. It's either background tasking or switch tasking. Excelling at background tasking will help you get ahead while switch tasking will lead to errors." "20% of [...]

You Did It!

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Congratulations on surviving the holiday season and end of the year "busy-ness".  If you had the opportunity to read any of the previous 9 "have a stress free end of the year" posts, hopefully you were able to do more than just “survive” - and instead THRIVED!!! You may be wondering why I created a post about creating a stress-free end of the year [...]

Multitasking, Multitasking, Multitasking

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Mulitasking . . . good, bad, or depends?  This is a question I'm asked quite often from my clients - and my answer is, "It depends . . . when you say "multitasking" what do you really mean?  What exactly ARE you doing when you multitask?" Some activities when completed at the same time can be "good" (translation - actually save time!).  Others, "bad" [...]

Multitasking vs Mindfulness

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Multitasking.  Mindfulness.  Switchtasking.  Mindfulness.  Background tasking.  Mindfulness.  Solotasking.  Mindfulness. To live each day to the fullest, accomplish your to-do list, be efficient and effective, and enjoy life - what is the answer?  Luckily I've been guest posting over at Get Organised and have had the opportunity to really dig into this question. From a time management strategy, is background tasking an acceptable alternative to [...]

Are You Really Multi-tasking, or Do You Just Think You Are?

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When listening to a recent teleclass sponsored by the Institute for Challenging Disorganization, Ari Tuckman, PhsD, MBA stated, “We aren’t as good as we think we are. We need to be honest with ourselves about the attention a task actually takes”. [newsletter-sign-up-form] Yesterday, in a conversation with Kelly Galea as we were discussing some content ideas for her new radio show “Power Up Living”, [...]

The Emotional Cost of Multi-Tasking

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Is it possible to sort papers while having a conversation and give your employee (or family member or colleague or friend or .  . .) the attention he or she needs to feel valued? What is the emotional cost to the other person in the conversation when you multi-task? Jump on over to my guest post on Get Organised, Multi-tasking the Tale of Two Leaders. [...]

Is a Time Strategy Visionary REALLY Advocating Using Multi-tasking to Save Time?

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Can you really save time by multi-tasking?  This is the third post I've created for the fabulous professionals over at Get Organised on the topic of multi-tasking. In the first post I examined WHY people multi-task. The second post I examined a CON of multi-tasking. In the pursuit of fairness, I examine a PRO of multi-tasking.   Please - jump on over to the [...]

Is it Safe to Multi-task?

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Multi-tasking, multi-tasking, multi-tasking!!!  Good time management strategy?  Poor time management strategy? This is certainly an interesting topic in time management circles. Some experts claim that multi-tasking is nonproductive in all instances. Others claim that multi-tasking can be beneficial. Still others straddle the line stating that multi-tasking could be helpful, depending on the circumstance. Regardless of what the experts believe, advocate, and teach - the reality is [...]

Why Do Adults Multi-task? My FIRST Guest Post!

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Multi-tasking!  Should we or shouldn’t we?  Usually this is the question we ask ourselves.  However, I posed a different question in my latest post – WHY do we multi-task?     I’m so excited to be a guest blogger on Get Organised where I’ll be writing about the pros and cons of multi-tasking over the next few months . . . and [...]

My #1 Distraction Buster

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Have you figured out a way to eliminate other people as distractions,  only to be derailed by the distractions in your own head?  Here’s the advice I gave my newest client.   Dear SystemSavvy, I find that when I’m working on a project – I’m easily distracted.  But not by other people, by other ideas in my own head!!  Do you have [...]

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