My “Go-to-Gal” for Delegation

2017-03-27T14:46:39-04:00By |Awesome People, Delegation and Elimination|

Did you ever have someone pop into your life at just the right time?  Holly Matson, creator of Lightseeds by Holly, was just that person for me.  I was getting ready to launch my first virtual program and switch over to a new website.  I could hardly keep up with writing all the copy – and forget about proofing it!  A colleague recommended I hire [...]

Top Ten Tips for Working with a Virtual Assistant

2016-12-07T20:01:25-05:00By |Awesome People, Delegation and Elimination|

Holly Matson Delegation!  For many of my clients this is a touchy subject.  For some it's difficult to let go of enough control to allow someone to complete the task.  For others, it's tough to find someone qualified to complete the task.  Still others are apprehensive to hire someone to complete tasks because they don't think they have the "extra" money. [Tweet [...]

Is it Possible to Spend Less Time at Work and Still Maintain Productivity?

2016-12-07T20:01:28-05:00By |Delegation and Elimination, Prioritizing|

Is it possible to spend less time at work and still maintain (or increase) productivity?  As a time strategy visionary, my answer is a resounding YES! My favorite technique when working with clients around “saving time” is to take a look at their tasks and determine which of these tasks they can delegate.  A by-product of delegating tasks is that small business owners and [...]

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