To See a Change, You Must Change

2016-12-07T20:01:24-05:00By |Goal Setting and Mind Set|

How will TODAY be different? If you want today to be different from yesterday, you will need to do things differently. Seems simple, yet many of us find ourselves doing the same “stuff” day after day, week after week,  year after year after year and then are disappointed when we do not see significant change. So, how can you jump out of this rut? [...]

How to Get Into “Work Mode” Even if You Work From Home

2016-12-07T20:01:31-05:00By |Checklists & Systems|

I've found that turning actions into habits is a great way to create lasting change.  We identify an obstacle, create a structure or routine to overcome this obstacle, and then refine our process until we no longer need to think about the solution - it becomes automatic. For many of my clients initiating action is a challenge. We know "the advantage of working from home is [...]

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