Is it Possible to Spend Less Time at Work and Still Maintain Productivity?

2016-12-07T20:01:28-05:00By |Delegation and Elimination, Prioritizing|

Is it possible to spend less time at work and still maintain (or increase) productivity?  As a time strategy visionary, my answer is a resounding YES! My favorite technique when working with clients around “saving time” is to take a look at their tasks and determine which of these tasks they can delegate.  A by-product of delegating tasks is that small business owners and [...]

Celebrating Simplify Your Life Week – Systems!

2016-12-07T20:01:30-05:00By |Checklists & Systems|

Recently I wrote a post regarding creating and using solutions that take your unique gifts, hopes, dreams, abilities, and strengths into account.  I built on the idea that since each person is different, the solutions should also be different.  One size really doesn’t fit all.  This post generated a couple of emails asking the question, “Is there ever a time you can use a [...]

How “Berry” Tackled Creating Change by Using Routines

2017-03-13T11:26:27-04:00By |Checklists & Systems|

I'm always curious around what strategies and techniques are my clients finding the most helpful. Which changes are they the most excited about?  How has their quality of life improved?  But I also want to know what isn't working. What stumbling blocks have they run into since we last worked together?  What old habits have they fallen back into?  (Backsliding is common when creating [...]

Time Management Strategy – Don’t Celebrate National Work-a-Holics Day

2016-12-07T20:01:37-05:00By |Checklists & Systems, Delegation and Elimination, Goal Setting and Mind Set|

Work, work, work, work, work!  You started your direct sales business to spend more time with your family, friends, and hobbies . . . yet you find that you are in your office more and more and more (and more and more and more!)  You've heard . . . "Work smarter not harder" "No one wants 'she was a great worker' on their tombstone" [...]

Celebrating National I Forgot Day!

2016-12-07T20:01:39-05:00By |Calendars|

Yesterday was National "I Forgot Day".  (Yes - yesterday -  I say with a giggle!  )  How many times do you feel like your life is running out-of-control,  important appointments are falling through the cracks? Recently, I had a conversation with a client who is in a leadership position with a direct sales company . . . it went something like this . . . names have been [...]

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