The Importance of Self Care

2018-02-13T11:01:36-05:00By |Awesome People, self-care|

Taking enough time to recharge your batteries is important – and though I’ve written on the subject before, I think it’s important to revisit often. (I’m guilty of letting my self care activities slide a bit when things get “busy.”) I reached out to some Cleveland business owners to see what they do to stay healthy, and here is what they said.  Feel free [...]

A New Attitude About Achievement

2017-07-21T15:27:06-04:00By |Awesome People, capacity|

If you have followed me for any length of time, you know that one of the most frequent issues my coaching clients face is achieving more with an already full schedule. No matter how talented, experienced or focused you are, you have only 168 hours in a week to get everything done! Solutions can include delegating, understanding how you use your time, and understanding [...]

20 Ways to Reduce Stress

2017-04-25T09:55:35-04:00By |Checklists & Systems, Goal Setting and Mind Set|

Stress, anyone? I know – with all that we NEED to accomplish, all the we WANT to accomplish, and all the STUFF going on each day, it can be easy to feel stressed! Here’s a list I ran across in Think and Grow Rich for Women by Susan Lechter that can help you reduce stress in your life. AND . . . once you [...]

A List for Everything – Even Procrastination!

2017-03-10T09:39:46-05:00By |Goal Setting and Mind Set, Productivity|

I recently shared Tim Pychyl’s 6 characteristics that make it more likely you will procrastinate on a task. One of the ways to lessen the amount of time you spend procrastinating is to flip those 6 traits from the negative to the positive. This strategy will work for MOST tasks, however sometimes, flipping it just isn’t enough. When this happens, try creating a procrastination [...]

How to Achieve More While Working Less

2017-02-02T09:59:14-05:00By |Productivity|

Close your eyes for a moment and think back to the last day you felt really productive. The day you were “in the zone.” You could accomplish everything you wanted. You finished your to-do list – with time left over. Wasn't that a great day? Wouldn’t you love it if you could replicate that every day? You can - and I'll show you how! [...]

What Do the Rule of 3 and Gratitude Have in Common?

2016-12-07T20:00:02-05:00By |capacity, Checklists & Systems|

In the book The Productivity Project, Chris Bailey uses the "Rule of Three" as a strategy to retain your focus throughout the week. The goal is to decide on three activities, projects, or actions you want to complete prior to the end of the week. Once you can define your "three," you can keep them top of mind throughout the day so you stay on [...]

What is Your Prime Time and Why Does It Matter?

2021-12-02T11:41:27-05:00By |Distractions and Procrastination, Productivity|

When is your Biological Prime Time? AND, most importantly, why does it matter? Typically in my conversations with clients, we would discuss the time of day they feel most comfortable working on "mind intensive" tasks. Are they early birds or night owls or somewhere in the middle? Sam Carpenter, in his book Work the System, explains that your Biological Prime Time is when your [...]

Are You a Planner or a Crammer?

2018-10-23T14:44:53-04:00By |Checklists & Systems, Goal Setting and Mind Set|

You're productive but know you can do better and still reduce the stress of working too much. One way to do that is to play to your strengths. Become aware of the amount of time and effort it takes you to begin a task. Are you the systematic Planner, the last-minute Crammer, or a combination? All three have positive and negative characteristics. [...]

It’s Your Time – Choose Wisely

2016-12-07T20:00:04-05:00By |Goal Setting and Mind Set, Prioritizing|

You are in motion all day, accomplishing task after task after task, but most isn’t even for you. You’ve said “yes” to so many people, your to-do list just keeps getting longer. You KNOW there is more to life, you know you can be better, accomplish more . . . but HOW? It all needs to get done. What you need is a way [...]

Spring Clean Your Calendar Any Time – Even July

2016-12-07T20:00:05-05:00By |Calendars, Prioritizing|

We think of "spring cleaning" as deep down, all-the-way cleaning - clearing and purging every nook and cranny. Your time management needs to be deep-cleaned now and then too! If you are overwhelmed with task lists, to-do lists, and appointments, then try “spring cleaning” your calendar! If a meeting or group you've been attending for years no longer serves you, it may be time to [...]

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