How Can Baseball Help You Achieve Your Goals?

This is my favorite time of year.  SPRING!  Not because the weather is changing (let's be honest - here in Northeast Ohio we will still get snow at least 2 more times this spring) but because Baseball Spring Training has started! I'm excited about the possibilities.  The Cleveland Indians have a ton of talented younger players.  The veterans are all poised to have injury-free, [...]

3 Reasons to Have An Accountability System

If you search Google for the phrase “Accountability and Goals” you will get 39 million hits. Apparently these two go together, but the big question is, why? Why is being accountable so important when it comes to setting and achieving goals? The short answer is this: Having an accountability system and setting goals are like making s'mores. You can have s'mores without the marshmallows [...]

Is the 30 Day A.W.E. Inspired Challenge for You?

Do you find it difficult to honor commitments to yourself?  Especially during the holiday season?  Achieving a goal (any goal) just gets pushed off a bit until January . .  . Recently I found myself thinking, “mmmmm, that chocolate cupcake looks so good – I can always restart my diet on Monday.”  Which led to “or maybe it would be better to restart my [...]

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Amazing 3 Step System to Reduce Distractions – Part 2

Awareness * Work * Evaluation How often do you start a project only to be pulled away by people needing your attention? Earlier, I recommended following a 3 Step System to reduce distractions: Step 1 – Awareness (what distracts you and when), Step 2 – Work (how can you adjust your environment), and Step 3 – Evaluation (what is working, what isn’t). How did you do? If [...]

How Long Does it Take YOU to Build a Habit?

I've often heard "you can build (or break) a habit in 21 days".  Yet, I'm not sure I've actually built (or broken) a habit in 3 weeks.  Have you? For example, this past month, I've been participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge.  Each day this month I wrote a different blog post.  This included holidays, weekends, and the week I was on jury duty.  [...]

How “Berry” Tackled Creating Change by Using Routines

I'm always curious around what strategies and techniques are my clients finding the most helpful. Which changes are they the most excited about?  How has their quality of life improved?  But I also want to know what isn't working. What stumbling blocks have they run into since we last worked together?  What old habits have they fallen back into?  (Backsliding is common when creating [...]

Time Management Strategy – Don’t Celebrate National Work-a-Holics Day

Work, work, work, work, work!  You started your direct sales business to spend more time with your family, friends, and hobbies . . . yet you find that you are in your office more and more and more (and more and more and more!)  You've heard . . . "Work smarter not harder" "No one wants 'she was a great worker' on their tombstone" [...]

One Year Older . . .

Happy Birthday to  . . . me! (Well, a day early!) Twice a year I take the time to take stock - my birthday and New Year's Day.  This is when I ponder the "thinking questions".  What is the state of my business?  The state of my life?  What progress have I made so far on my goals for the year?  What strategies and techniques are working?  Which ones [...]