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Just think: what could you accomplish if you had your own personal Capacity Coach?

This is your chance to personally work with not just a “coach” but a true visionary. From virtual online programs to live workshops, to personal sessions, to do-it-yourself Home Study Courses, Lisa offers many levels of inspiration, action, and accountability for business owners.

“I’m making more money and working fewer hours!”

THE Sales Wizard

THE Sales Wizard

Hugh Liddle
THE Sales Wizard, Red Cap Sales Coaching


L isa’s coaching enables business owners to answer questions like, “What are the tasks only I can do to increase the production and profitability of my business?” Lisa guides you to success every step of the way, asks the tough questions and holds you accountable. The results speak for themselves. In the past few months, my work output has increased dramatically and my workweek is now 4 days instead of 6. Lisa didn’t do it for me…and without her I would never have done it!”



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