Just think: what could you accomplish if you personally worked with Lisa?

This is your chance to personally work with not just a “coach” but a true time strategy visionary. From virtual online programs to live workshops, to personal sessions, to do-it-yourself Home Study Courses, Lisa offers many levels of inspiration, action, and accountability for professionals in the direct selling industry —both new and seasoned.

“I was having success in my Mary Kay business, leading a decent sized team, sharing the products with a large amount of women, but was so overwhelmed with all that I needed to do and was so unorganized that I just couldn’t reach that next level. I wanted to become a Mary Kay Independent Sales Director, but just couldn’t move through the “overwhelming part” and stayed in the position of Future Director for years. After speaking with Lisa, I felt comfortable and thought she really understood my challenges and my life. Working together, we created systems so that I could move forward without feeling so overwhelmed. I had amazing results. I am now an Independent Mary Kay Sales Director, a goal I have been working towards for 8 year and my income has increased 400%! I know I wouldn’t have reached this goal with such ease before working with Lisa. If you want to take the next step in your business – I highly recommend working with Lisa.”

Coaching with Lisa

I love to work with private clients. Nothing energizes me more than watching YOU make a shift in your life and your business!!! Together we will clarify your vision, create an action plan for success, implement, and refine. As your coach, my job is to help you create awareness around your goals and what you are willing to do to achieve those goals. As your time strategy visionary, my job is to show you how to fine tune your systems to create the most efficient path to achieving those goals.

“I really appreciate all your ideas and your belief in me.”

What you can expect from me . . . .

  • Someone who can draw from experience in the fields of direct sales, education, and coaching.
  • Someone to guide you through the decision making process so that you are comfortable with the result.
  • Someone who is dedicated to your success – your appointment is as high a priority to me as to you.
  • Someone who will share in-depth information and knowledge with you, so you move forward with designing your life much more quickly than you would on your own.
  • Someone who will hold you accountable to act from your highest self, even when you may not feel that way.
  • Someone who will be kind, patient, and non-judgemental with your progress so that you know you have a safe place to express where you are.
  • Someone who will keep your sessions, dreams, and ideas completely confidential.
“I was so overwhelmed – by everything! Then I met Lisa at a presentation. Her friendly and easy to talk with personality led me to invest in a customized program. She was very open and honest with her advice while still being respectful of my values and needs. Together we created an action plan for various challenges I was facing in my home and life. What was most helpful was her ability to help me put the size of my obstacles into perspective – I was able to make small, manageable, specific changes for large payouts. If you are looking for help getting out of the overwhelmed feeling, I would easily recommend Lisa.”

What I expect from you . . .

  • To show up on time and ready to work!
  • To be authentic, honest and to speak up for what you want.
  • To be ready to step out of your comfort zone and overcome occasional challenges.
  • To be willing to take risks, try new things and stretch beyond your current experience.
  • To complete any homework, accountability or success tracking forms .
  • To honor confidentiality both in and out of the specific coaching calls.
  • To celebrate your wins, shifts, achievements and excitement .


Important . . . working with me is NOT for everyone.

It’s important to realize that when we work together – we will work! In order to achieve results you must be ready to create new habits. It won’t be easy. It will often be frustrating. But the rewards will be phenomenal. If you are not sure if you are ready to work to move to the next level in your business or life – then personal one-on-one coaching probably isn’t the correct fit for you right now. You may want to start with one of the Virtual Programs or Home Study Courses until you are fully committed to making a change.

My passion is working with you to create the actions and strategies that make you a success and get you results. We won’t be a good fit if you are not willing to grow, change or take action.

Intrigued? Keep reading . . .

[“I was so overwhelmed! I was facing challenges in so many areas of my business and home life – inconsistent time management strategies, overdue items, a lack of proper planning, and an office that I struggled to work in due to a lot of papers and unfinished projects. I met Lisa at a workshop and decided to work with her privately. Her techniques were easy to understand and I was able to implement them immediately. She listened to my concerns and worked with me to create systems that work! Now, I have a consistent planning time and can utilize my calendar helping me to balance my Macaroni Kid business and my family and still complete multi-step projects (my office!!). Working with a plan allows me to spend more time with my family, less time working in my business, and still have time to sleep! Are you struggling to balance your business and your life? I highly recommend working with Lisa. Be clear about your goals and she can help you get there..”

To see if we are a good fit – schedule a “Discovery Strategy Session.” This is a complementary session where we discuss your goals and dreams and decide if we both want to work together.


“How Long Will the Discovery Session Last?”

The complimentary, no-obligation session usually last between 30 – 60 minutes depending on the speed in which we cover the questions on the Strategy Session Intake Form.

“When Will I Receive the Strategy Session Intake Form?”

Once you schedule an appointment, a Strategy Session Intake Form will be emailed to you. This form must be completed at least 24 hours before our Discovery Strategy Session.

“What is My Investment When I Work with You?”

I customize my programs to fit my clients’ needs, so to figure out your investment we will need to have a conversation (another reason to schedule a Discovery Strategy Session . Plus, we both need to decide that working together is a good idea. If we ARE an excellent fit, we will figure out your investment level. I offer different levels of service, as well as payment plans.

Lisa Stands Out as a Speaker

Out of the thousands of speakers to choose from, there is only one with the experience, insight, and personality of Lisa Crilley Mallis. Leading the way for business owners and entrepreneurs to create balance and design lives of their dreams, her vision and message speak to all who are ready to move to the next level.

Lisa is available for speaking engagements and workshops for a variety of group formats, from intimate team meetings to national training events and anything in between. Through her dynamic presentations, Lisa draws on her personal experiences and excellence to share with audiences those essential elements that comprise her life – VALUES * VISION * FOCUS * RESULTS.

“This was so helpful. I can’t wait to share this with my husband.”
“I enjoyed the ‘realness’ of all the info.”
“Thank you for making it interactive rather than just talking to us!”
“I was totally entertained and inspired. Your tips, tricks, and especially your one-liners will stick with me. Thank you!”
“This workshop was excellent. I wish it was longer.”
“I feel better equipped to be even more balanced and efficient.”
“The workshop was really good. I think it will help me balance my schedule.”
“This program really helped me understand how to do time management in a great and fun way.”
“Very dynamic and interesting presentation!”


At every event, Lisa draws upon her experience to explain time management strategies in a non-threatening and easy to implement manner.

To inquire about Lisa speaking at your next event, please submit a request via email at [email protected] or call Lisa at (440)537-3811.