Work Less, Achieve More: A Webinar 2017-02-21T10:06:50+00:00

Work Less, Achieve More – Without the Guilt!  Did you miss it?

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This one-hour webinar is for you if …

  • You do your best work when you are under pressure – yet you’d rather not be “under pressure” all the time.
  • You find you are easily distracted by ideas, emails, phone calls, websites, squirrels and want less of this (a lot less) so you can concentrate on the important things.
  • You wonder how you can replicate the “productive” days more often. (You have days that you are really productive – but it feels like it happens by accident!)
  • You want to eliminate the guilt of not having enough time, rushing to get things done, spending time with family but feeling like you need to be at work, and vice versa.
  • You are successful and still want to achieve more.

You will learn…

  • Your unique 6 step system to work less and achieve more
  • How to increase your focus without using “discipline”
  • A simple system to stay out of firefighting mode – and instead live in business building mode
  • My #1 procrastination busting technique
  • An easy way to eliminate the guilt when you run out of time