Impactive Thinking Club

81% of business owners work nights,
and 89% work weekends. (Semrush)

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You didn’t start your business so you could work nights and weekends!

According to Business2Community, the way to be more productive is to spend at least 20% of your week focusing on strategic projects.

When is the last time you spent a full day focusing only on high-level strategic projects?

If you are like most business owners, you are spending more time putting out fires and tackling day-to-day tasks than strategic planning and working towards long-term goals.

I get it! Creating the space to think is tough. You block out “thinking time,” and “big picture time,” but something urgent always comes up, causing you to bump it back “just one more week.”

Over and over again you say, “If I could only get away uninterrupted for a whole day, I’d be able to get the project DONE!” But getting away for a day isn’t always feasible . . . or is it??

Benefit: I actually get focused, uninterrupted time to wear my CEO hat and work ON my business. I always walk away with much needed, high-value work completed.

Erin Longmoon, Founder/CEO, Zephyr Connects

Introducing Impactive Thinking Club

Join a group of motivated, successful business owners from all over the U.S., working towards moving our businesses forward with big, bold, strategic action one full day each quarter.


  • September 18 2023
  • October 24 2023
  • November 13 2023
  • December 5 2023
  • January 10 2024
  • February 8 2024


  • 10:00 – 2:30 Eastern


  • Zoom

How it Works:

  • Each month you’ve enrolled for, you will log into Zoom
  • Share your goal for the day with other IMPACTIVE THINKING CLUB MEMBERS
  • Diligently focus on working towards completion of your strategic project throughout the day
  • Check back in periodically to share progress, ask questions, get support
  • Celebrate success at the end of the day

People are 65% more likely to reach their goals when they’ve shared them with someone else, and 95% more likely to reach their goals when they share them with a group and meet regularly to review them.

(American Society of Training and Development)

In a world where leaders have very little time, the Impactive Thinking Club is time set aside for ME to plan how I’m going to blaze trails. Having a group accountability effort means I will be more disciplined and efficient and faster in accomplishing those goals.
Amy Williams, CEO, AB Unlimited Worldwide

The Impactive Thinking Club is the group that will ensure your success!

Get ready to take consistent strategic action to reach your goals.

Here’s what past participants have accomplished during their Impactive Thinking time

  • Create website brief
  • Review applications on Upwork
  • Design Course Roadmap
  • Complete speaker RFPs
  • Write job descriptions for Admin positions
  • Create org chart and hiring plan
  • Create process to delegate client onboarding
  • Create “Recession Response” content
  • Design exit strategy for client
  • Vision board

  • Build a 2 page website for non-profit
  • Finish paperwork for taxes
  • Audit orders
  • Design presentation decks
  • Identify COIs
  • Compile info for budget
  • Create talking points for interviews/podcasts
  • Strategize plan for product launch

As I was putting the June date on my calendar, I found myself thankful for the nudge to set this time aside.  Being a part of this strategy, with a group of other women in business doing the same thing at the same time, makes me more accountable to the tasks needing attention.  AND, I get things DONE during these sessions! 

Kim Skala, Insurance Professional & Independent Agency Owner, Skala Insurance Agency LLC

I really appreciate the Impactive Thinking Club as a monthly space for prolonged thinking about my businesses. On a day-to-day basis I have ideas and find an hour here or there to work on them, but it’s hard to make space in my schedule to have several hours to explore an idea or work through a problem. Putting the Impactive Thinking Club on my calendar helps me know I’ll have protected time at least once a month to engage deeply with my business.

Teresa Potter, Founder, T. Potter Instructional Design
Business owner Teresa Potter
Business owner and ITC member Mary Cravets

During the last Impactive Thinking Club session I was able to think through the entire marketing strategy for one of my programs. I’d put off evaluating this strategy because I’ve had so much going on for the last year. Having the time set aside to think it through – free from distractions – allowed me to finally evaluate and reformulate the strategy to get better results.

Mary Cravets, Marketing Coach, Simply Get Clients

Cost: $27/month

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