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The Magic 168 Solution to Time Management

Data rules!  When it comes to being effective and efficient - nothing can take the place of having accurate data when making decisions. Do you have enough time to get everything done each day? Most people say "no"!  In fact, 90% of my clients come to me because they feel overwhelmed by the amount of stuff on their plates. Early in our coaching relationship, [...]

When is a Double Standard a Good Thing?

When is "good enough" good enough? When is "perfection" the only option? As a motivated professional you KNOW that sometimes perfection truly is the only answer. Other times as long as you finish a project that is considered success. The key is knowing the difference! One of my clients (I'll call her Kim) really struggles to send out a marketing piece to her prospects [...]

Are You the Asked or the Asker?

Mary Cravets I've been fortunate to work with the AMAZING marketing and business coach Mary Cravets the past few months. As we strategically looked at my business, clients, part marketing efforts and goals we created a Marketing Blueprint of activities to accomplish each month. I love Mary's approach, as it deals with data. No second guessing. No throwing spaghetti against the wall hoping [...]

How to Increase Productivity by “Killing Two Birds”

Your time management plan should be as unique as you are! As you develop strategies and blueprints and ideas to work as efficiently and effectively as possible, be sure to use your strengths! One of my clients (we'll call her Bobbi) knows she needs to add more time to her day / week / month to focus on self-care.  Bobbi has learned that her [...]

Protect YOUR Big Yes and Learn to Say NO

I hear this from my well-meaning, caring clients all the time - "She asked and I just couldn't say no." Think about it ... when your day is already packed morning to night, the only way to fit that new task in is to NOT do something else! “It takes 1000 ‘no’s’ to protect your BIG ‘yes’!” ~ Gary Keller Do you feel like [...]

Manage Time by Defining Success

In a recent post I talked about how to stay focused on a goal by measuring the steps along the way. I want to expand on that idea by telling you about what happened at a major event I chaired a few months ago. I'm privileged to be coordinator of education for two local women-in-business networking groups, and I thought it would be useful [...]

How to Define Success Using Benchmarks

Recently my client Jane started her coaching session with the statement, "I really want to work on finding some strategies to help me stay focused on a project even when I'm in the middle of a crisis." This is a common challenge for my clients. Most of them are super busy and as soon as something unexpected comes up, their day gets thrown in [...]

How Are Stars and Time Management Connected?

Are you focused on your most important tasks each day? Not the most urgent tasks, but the most important ones? The ones that will really get you closer to your goals. The ones that might be a little harder than you'd prefer. The ones that might push you a little out of your comfort zone. Here's how you can tell . . [...]

What To Do When There’s Too Much To Do

Sometimes even the best time management strategist cannot "create" room in a schedule. Sometimes everything that can be delegated has been. Every task / activity / commitment that can be deleted has been removed from the schedule. (Read more about this process here.) Everything that remains is important and has a direct correlation to a goal. So then what can you do if you are [...]

How to Succeed as a Solopreneur

All my clients are different.  Yet, so many similar issues come up in our discussions. Some are more experienced business owners than others, and some have discovered effective ways of managing their workloads. But the common themes of juggling home/work balance, managing overwhelm, and getting important tasks done every day are never more challenging than with a start-up enterprise. Deby contacted me after starting her [...]