The Distractions & Procrastination category focuses on reducing procrastination and overcoming distractions.

Schedule Time for Interruptions

Even the most productive of us can get stuck in a rut. I recently received this email from a former client Jim, who struggled with constant interruptions (don’t we all, at some point?). Jim's sales team is one of the top performing teams in  his company.  He's a great sales trainer, and one of the things that makes him so great is his ability [...]

All or Nothing

Why do we think that we can go from 0% activity to 100% activity overnight? Just because we can create a plan to implement an action, somehow we believe that the result is automatic. One of my coaching instructors calls this magical thinking. I like to think of it as, "Because I've decreed it, it must be so!" [Tweet "Move out of the "all [...]

But I Just CAN’T Turn Off the Phone – What if it is an Emergency?

Distractions and interruptions can certainly derail the most carefully planned day.  Having a clear (and workable) plan to overcome these distractions can help make anyone's day more productive. But sometimes, the obvious solutions just aren't "doable" for YOU.  Sometimes you need to adapt to fit your personality and lifestyle. Yesterday I explained how a Parking Lot can help to reduce internal distractions.  Yet, the [...]

What To Do When Your Distraction Solution Distracts You

What do you do when the solution to a problem, creates an even bigger problem?  Recently a client and I were discussing distractions.  From a time management standpoint, he felt he "could" accomplish so much more if he could just eliminate (or at least reduce) the distractions in his day. He was able to identify two different types of distractions mental and physical. Mental [...]

How to Overcome Mental Distractions

Real Life Scenario #10 -  “My obstacles are mental distractions. I think of something other than the original task, and lose focus quickly.” If you’ve been following my posts this month – you know that I’m tackling real life time management scenarios all month long.  If you have missed a previous post – be sure to check out any that apply to YOUR life. “This may [...]

What Exactly IS Productive Procrastination?

I was super excited and super honored when THE Sales Wizard, Hugh Liddle asked me to guest post on his blog.  You see - he is a fabulous man, with a huge heart, and a ton to give to the sales community.  To be able to share some of my insights on procrastination with his peeps is a pretty big deal for me. So [...]

What is Your Greatest Time Management Challenge?

Every one of us is different - and we each face different obstacles - with our lives and our businesses.   That’s why one-size-fits-all solutions don’t always speak to people. This is especially true when we talk about time management.  We need to see how a particular time management strategy or technique will address our specific situation if we have any hope of creating [...]

I Can’t Put PEOPLE in the Parking Lot! Now What?

One of my favorite distraction busting techniques is to "park" ideas as they pop into your head.  Then, once you finish the task at hand, go back to the ideas in your parking lot and decide what to do with them.  From a time management and choice management stand point, this is a much for effective use of your time than switching tasks each [...]

National Don’t Go to Work Unless it’s Fun Day

The sun is shining!  For many of you, this may seem like a silly way to start a post.  But here in Ohio - it's been a while since I've seen the sun!  (Today is actually day 2!) I'm a big believer in do what you love, and love what you do.  Last year on National Don't Go to Work Unless it's [...]

Conquering “I Forgot” – Part 1

Having a weak working memory can be frustrating. You KNOW not to lock your keys in the car, yet you sit them on the seat so you can grab your water bottle, purse, and files – and the next thing you know – you've locked your keys in the car. Or – you run into the corner market for some milk and . . [...]