The Distractions & Procrastination category focuses on reducing procrastination and overcoming distractions.

How to Overcome “Stuck”

Procrastination is a topic that clients often ask to discuss during our coaching calls.  Sometimes they lament, "I know I'm a procrastinator, it's just who I am, I wish I could change."  Others will comment, "I want to stop procrastinating, I know it's 'bad' for me, but I just do my best work when I'm under pressure." Sometimes clients will say, "I'm so excited [...]

Magical Thinking

Does this sound familiar? "With my new full-time job and my daughter’s busy soccer schedule, I just don’t have any free time at all right now to work on creating better time management skills. Plus, we are getting ready to move so I have a lot going on. As soon as my schedule mellows out a bit, I'll be ready to start coaching and improving [...]

How to Spend Your Time Wisely

It's universal - we all want more money and more time.  Once we spend our money  - we can still make more.  But once we "spend" our time, it's gone forever. So why do we tend to "waste time" every day?  For most of us, wasting time isn't intentional, it just "happens."  It's frustrating to get to the end of your day and realize [...]

Prevent Email Interruptions in 3 Easy Steps

Does your email program have a default setting to check for new emails every 5 minutes? If so, you could be interrupted by email 96 times in the average work day. 96 times!!! Does this sound familiar? You start writing a training manual and the little mail icon slides across the bottom of your screen. You minimize the manual, jump over to your inbox, [...]

How to Create Action from Thinking

You've thought about "it".  What's keeping you from doing "it"? You've considered switching jobs, starting your own business, hiring a coach, buying a new house, relocating to a warmer climate, going back to school, calling the "intimidating" client, asking for a referral . . . What's holding you back? Name it!  Whatever the piece is - name it! Lack of resources, lack [...]

How to Survive a Snow Day When You Work From Home

Life isn't black and white.  We have the opportunity to renegotiate each moment, each interaction, each goal.  I was reminded of this opportunity last week when we experienced a "snow day". As a child, I loved snow days.  I could sleep in, read all day, and just relax.  As a teacher I REALLY loved snow days - what a great opportunity to catch up [...]

Do You Follow Through?

"Time Truth:  Task management is about capturing your priorities, sorting them into a tool you trust, and tracking them until they are completed." - Julie Gray. Welcome to the next post in the "Teacher as Student Series" where I share my new awareness with you regarding my learning when I was a student in the Holistic Time Coaching class taught by Julie Gray and [...]

Coffee and Coaching with Vision

If you start with defining who you want to be, and then look at strategies on how to get there, you can create enormous success. But first, you need to determine what your end goal is! Caryn Fitzgerald of Coffee and Coaching with Caryn and I explored this concept and more on her show.  Caryn's nickname is "the Manifesting Queen" because of her ability to [...]

It’s All In a Day’s Work

As you know, the SystemSavvy Consulting blog is all about success in all its forms.  My posts and my programs are geared toward the entrepreneur who wants to reach career and personal goals by using the ideal systems, attitudes, and time strategies for their own life. Well, I just ran across a fabulous info-graphic (right) from SalesForce Canada that echoes everything I teach!  It's [...]

Gift Giving Can Be Fun!

Congrats on continuing your journey towards creating a stress free and productive  year end! One of the areas that can create stress is gift giving.  Intellectually we realize, "It's the thought that counts" yet often the reality looks a little like this . . . Frantically wrapping gifts the night before you are to give them. Exhausted the next morning because you were up [...]