The Distractions & Procrastination category focuses on reducing procrastination and overcoming distractions.

What Do Parking Lots and Distractions Have In Common?

You know what it's like when emails, random thoughts, to-dos, and reminders pop into your head at the worst possible time. I have frequently written here about distractions and how to manage them, and here's another quick tip to remind you of my favorite method: the parking lot!   But wait - that's not all! I’ve created the SystemSavvy Consulting Parking Lot to [...]

How to Prepare for When “Life Happens”

What happens when your typical routine gets disrupted? Here's a scenario . . . You've created a consistent routine that works for you. You are able to keep up with email. You have arrived at the perfect balance of work and home. You can "breathe" throughout the day. In fact, you are feeling like a rock star! Then . . . life happens! The situation doesn't [...]

How to Fit Just “ONE” More Thing Into Your Day

How often do you say, "I'll do just one more thing before I leave for my appointment"? Or "I'll just finish up one more thing in the office before I end for the day"? Or "I'll do one more thing before I go to bed"? And, if you are a "one more thinger" . . . how often does it stop at ONE? Or [...]

#1 One Way to Eliminate All or Nothing Thinking

We've all been there. We set aside 2 hours to work on a BIG, IMPORTANT, AWESOME project, only to realize that there are only 15 minutes left of that 2 hour block.  So, we say, "I'll work on that tomorrow, I don't really have time to get into it today." Then tomorrow comes - and "life happens" - and again, you don't have time [...]

Solution to “I Can’t Follow My Schedule”

In a recent post, I mentioned that a husband and wife team had recently switched up their schedules to help them focus on their priorities.  The wife was having great results as she had decided to focus a chunk of her day to prospecting - and this focus was paying off in new business. Her husband, however, was struggling with his new schedule. He [...]

Results Follow Focus

I was recently at a networking event, and a colleague mentioned that she and her husband had recently switched their schedules a little.  She was really excited about the positive changes that were occurring due to a couple of little tweaks. One of the biggest changes she noticed for herself was that she was generating more leads because she made sure she dedicated time in [...]

How to Set and Communicate Boundaries

Boundaries: Lately a big topic here in this blog, because it's an important issue for any entrepreneur.  Amanda recently told us how she succeed in preventing everyone from wanting "a piece of her",  I described how Rosie and Ariel learned to honor their own agendas, and my VA Holly offered some tools to set boundaries in your home-based work. Recently I was offered the [...]

How to Benefit From a Productivity Buddy

I organized the Tupperware this morning. It started with throwing together a couple of ingredients so I could marinate chicken for tonight. But before I could do that, I needed to empty the dishwasher. Then I noticed the Tupperware shelf was messed up, so I fixed that. Then I went looking for a Ziploc bag, and wouldn't you know it, that cupboard could use [...]

Everyone Wants a Piece of Me!

Amanda Griffith Amanda Griffith has graciously offered to share her experience with a real world time management challenge.  I've written briefly about Amanda's challenge in a post exploring setting and maintaining boundaries (read it here). Amanda is a consumate professional.  She continues to push herself to acheive more in both her personal life and her professional life.  I consider Amanda to be [...]

Stop Procrastination – with AWE!

Confess it - you probably procrastinate every day. Look at what you have written down in your note pad, journal, to-do list, or calendar. How many of those tasks have you started? And how many have you completed? The reasons we procrastinate are numerous.  Maybe fear of success.  Possibly fear of failure.  Could be the task doesn’t align with your values and goals.  Often, [...]