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You know you want to talk about how to achieve more but work less!


Want to know more about me? Read on!Lisa Crilley Mallis

Do you have to be naturally good at managing your day to be able to get things done? Are you born this way, or is it a learned skill?

In my case, it’s a little of both.

(So – I promise – no matter where you are on your journey, there is hope!)

When I first started my professional career I spent years working 60+ hours at a full-time job, attending grad school, working a part-time job, all while getting married and purchasing a home.

I excelled at completing my to-do list.

When it came to the process of managing my day I was a super star. This skill I was born with.

However, there was a whole other part I needed to learn.

If someone made a request my answer was always yes, and I just added the request to my ever-growing list.

If I had more to do, I just came into the office earlier – and left later.

I skipped family events.  I skipped exercise.  I skipped eating healthily.  I skipped participating in any of my favorite hobbies.

(Can you relate? Let’s talk!)

Pretty much, I skipped any life outside of work.

I was so busy working on my list that I lost sight of my goals, my dreams, and my vision.

But I sure was productive!

Hmmm . . . this lifestyle . . . not great!

Then I became seriously ill and needed to make a change in my life.

(Sound familiar? Let’s talk!)

So I did!

  • I learned how to keep the big picture in mind, even as I was working on the day-to-day tasks.
  • I learned how to say NO to requests that weren’t 100% in line with my goals so I had more time for what was most important.
  • I learned to manage my focus and energy so I could enjoy each and every day.

I figured out how to structure my life in a way where I could achieve more and work less … and realized I could help others do the same! 

Because there is no reason to follow my example and end up too sick to work!

So, I went back to school, became a certified coach and now I work with successful business owners who still want to achieve more, every day.

You are reading this now because you are a doer.

(Take action! Let’s talk!)

You are successful, you juggle many responsibilities, you say YES a lot, and keep going!

You probably aren’t at the “I’ve ignored my body and am so sick I’m stuck in bed” place I was – but you are spending more time working than you would like.

Life is for living – and the big picture goal is to be able to spend less time doing what you have to do, and more time doing what you want to do!

Work less and achieve more.

I did – and you can too!

The “official bio” . . .

Lisa Crilley Mallis combines her experience in secondary education and coaching to create Impactive Strategies, LLC. She believes you can achieve more without giving up your nights and weekends. She is a master at cutting to the heart of your priorities to help you regain control of your schedule and experience life.

For over 15 years, Lisa has assisted over-committed, successful, motivated business owners implement concrete techniques that can be applied immediately to their daily lives.

Lisa prides herself on finding the specific strategies that work for each individual client. You can live a life where every day is productive, rewarding, and fun.

Lisa currently lives in Chagrin Falls, Ohio with her husband Lou and his dog, Neuton. She loves chocolate, the beach, and country music.

Leadership and Participation:

Education and Certification:

  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC), International Coach Federation

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More than a to-do list!

“Lisa Mallis’s approach is like a breath of fresh air to the over-committed entrepreneur. Lisa helps you seamlessly get back on track through aligning your values—not just checking items off your to-do list. She’s wickedly smart, insightful, and deeply passionate about helping people find balance and consistently move forward in life and business.”

Laurel Staples, REDpodcast.com

Positioned to take advantage of a huge opportunity!

“I was feeling overwhelmed and knew I needed to get even MORE done, somehow.  By figuring out how to prioritize and use a different lens to evaluate opportunities, I was able to streamline my commitments to be able to take advantage of a HUGE opportunity and join a committee that gives me and my business national exposure.”

Megan O’Donnell Patton, Managing Partner, ODA Strategy